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The related Mercury Marauder model shared a front end with the Marquis, but was a completely separate line built on a different chassis. For this era, the Mercury Marquis was available as a four-door sedan or hardtop, and a two-door hardtop coupe or convertible. Finally, a four-door Colony Park six-passenger station wagon was available.

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1967 Mercury Marquis (ID) - $8,500 Location: Idaho Falls ID 83402 Contact: Bob 406-300-2234 Light Green 2 door coupe. Light Green leather/cloth interior. Mileage 44,950. Automatic transmission and a 410hp, 8 cylinder engine. This classic beauty has only owner since it was purchased. Everything is original.

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Yes, this 67 Marquis was only used during the "Pilot" TV Move "Cocoon." Starting with the first regular series episode ("Full Fathom Five") a 1968 Parklane was implemented as McGarrett's car. However, the 67 Marquis was also used for filming some of the original stock driving footage. So, a lot of the time during first season when McGarrett is.

1967 Mercury Marquis Mercury Automobile History Super Marauder

There are 3 1967 Mercury Marquis for sale right now - Follow the Market and get notified with new listings and sale prices. FIND Search Listings 607,135 Follow Markets 7,878 Explore Makes 642 Auctions 1,032 Dealers 223

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A 1967 Mercury Marquis With a Rare 4-Speed is the Gentleman's Muscle Car. New in 1967, the Mercury Marquis sat at the top of the hierarchy of Ford's mid-level division (albeit only by a $3 premium over the Brougham hardtop sedan). Longer than the Ford LTD counterpart and featuring a more plush interior with real wood grain and individual arm.

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Mercury Marquis (1967 to 1986) The Mercury Marquis was a series of full-size, and then later mid-size, cars introduced in 1967. The Marquis was Mercury's flagship model until 1982, when Mercury made the Grand Marquis its own model. Prior to 1982, the Grand Marquis had been a trim level for the Marquis. The Mercury Marquis was produced in four.

1967 Mercury Marquis Information and photos MOMENTcar

1967 Mercury. The Marauder 390, Marauder 410, and Super Marauder 428 lived on into 1967, while a 390 four-barrel returned as the 320-horsepower Marauder 390 GT.. but FoMoCo did not respond until the following decade with a hot take on the Grand Marquis. The Marauder was produced only for the 2003-04 model years, featuring a 302-horsepower 4..

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This 1967 Mercury Marquis 2 door Hardtop is Semi-Special as it was special ordered for either a Ford/Mercury/Lincoln Management or employee or even a Special Demonstration/Promo car and was not offered to the public right off the line. Also another interesting fact is this Particular car rolled off the assembly line on October 31st, 1967 per.

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This 1967 Mercury Marquis certainly fits that description. Full-size luxury Mercs are a rare sight to begin with, but this example's standard 410-cu.in. V-8 is mated to a four-speed transmission, which makes it 1-of-15 Marquis so-equipped that year, per the included Marti Report. The seller reports purchasing the car in 2012 and says, "My.

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1978 Mercury Marquis. 1978 Mercury Marquis. The front windshield is in excellent condition. The paint is in great shape an. There are 6 new and used classic Mercury Marquis listed for sale near you on ClassicCars.com with prices starting as low as $6,900. Find your dream car today.

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Discover the 1967 Mercury Marquis: an icon of luxury and muscle. Dive into its design, performance, and enduring legacy in our exclusive guide.

1967 Mercury Marquis Mercury Automobile History Super Marauder

1967 Mercury Marquis 2-Door Hardtop all versions specifications and performance data. Mercury catalogue---> 1965-1968 Mercury Full-Size 7th generation (Brougham, Marquis, Montclair, Monterey, Park Lane, S-55) all versions catalogue. Other 1967 body shapes and variants of this base model:

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This 1967 Mercury Marquis is running strong and has lots of upside. Not only is its interior in surprisingly good shape considering its survivor status, but it's also been safely sheltered in a climate-controlled garage for quite some time, and it will pull into its next lucky owner's garage with its original build sheet in tow.

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The Mercury Marquis - 1st Gen (1967 to 1968) market. The first generation of Mercury Marquis was introduced for the 1967 model year. The first generation of Marquis was offered as a two door ha. Learn more. There are 2 Mercury Marquis for sale across all model years (1967 to 1986) and variants, no 1st Gen and none are model year 1967 .

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1967 Mercury Marquis Collector Cars. The 1967 Mercury Marquis, the models first year, was built on as a two door hardtop coupe. In addition to that the production was relatively low at 6,500 vehicles. As a nice 1960's luxury car example, the 1967 Mercury Marquis is considered quite affordable to begin a collection with. Current prices all.

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Reduced Price 1967 Mercury Comet Caliente 93,367 mi $ 31,900 or $471/mo. 1967 Mercury Monterey 75,410 mi $ 39,995 or $591/mo. 2020 Porsche Taycan 16,716 mi $ 74,599. 1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Coupe 38,500 mi $ 26,500 or $392/mo. Premium Listings. 1. 92. 1967 Mercury Cougar. 74,541 mi 8 $ 39,900 or $590/mo. Hanksters (866) 613-4259.

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