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C5 Corvette from 1997 to 2004 common problems, defects, recalls, issues and concerns.Don't forget to visit Our online store: http://www.jlsporttrucks.com.

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Just avoid the early models with a few time-proven reliability issues. Also, because the C5 and C6 are extremely similar cars, we'll compare both generations at the end of this article. Let's dig in. Related: HotCars Exclusive: 2022 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Is A Borderline Supercar. An Overview Of The C5 Chevrolet Corvette

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Published on October 29, 2021 3 min read Every Chevrolet Corvette generation is better than the last, especially when it comes to the C6 vs. the C5. It was like alien technology facing off against troglodytes. For all of its disadvantages, the Chevrolet Corvette C5 is still a great car, capable of driving fast and cornering with confidence.

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The C5 Corvette seats have several known issues that can occur if improper use and or improper maintenance occurs. Sliding hard across the bolster (the raised/contoured sections of the sitting area on either side of the central seat pad) can break it, causing it to flap from side to side. This area is also the most common area of the seats to.

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Not! HotCars Via Jack Santage While owners of 5th generation Corvettes have reported issues of various bits and pieces failing, granted the C5 is an early 21st century GM vehicle, the C5 is regarded to be one that would not give its owner mountains of repair bills from your local Chevrolet dealer.

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1. C5 Corvette 2001 Year Problems Mechanical, interior, and exterior concerns are prevalent in the 2001 C5 Corvette. The classic distributor/coil system was replaced with a coil-on-plug ignition system in the 2002 model, which was a significant modification.


Here are 10 of the most common C5 Corvette issues that plague this platform. Luckily most can be mitigated and corrected with ease. Enjoy.

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Verdict 5th Gen Chevrolet Corvette: What Owners Say Visual presence is key when it comes to a Corvette and with the C5, designer John Cafaro certainly didn't disappoint as the model maintains.

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The Corvette C5 is the fifth generation of the Corvette and was produced for the 1997 through 2004 model years. It was supposed to debut for the 1993 model year to celebrate the Corvette's fortieth anniversary but was delayed due to financial issues and changes in General Motors' staff.

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Electrical issues The Corvette is notorious for its fast corroding ground wires, especially at the part behind the headlights. This corrosion affects many systems that rely on electricity in the Corvette, causing mishaps and developing into something severe if left for long.

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The C5 is considered an important mark in Corvette history and one of the best ever Corvettes designed and produced. The major issues that plagued the 1997-2004 C5 Corvette included electrical system issues, engine oil burning up at higher RPMs, an unruly steering column lock, and failing rocker bearing in the LSI engine and differential leaks.

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The C5 Corvette model years are from 1997 to 2004. According to HotCars, the first few C5-generation years were prone to expensive repair problems.Its debut model year faced seven recalls for various issues, including seatbelts, power steering, and suspension. And the 1998 Corvette has racked up hundreds of complaints on the NHTSA website.

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The C5 Corvette is a legendary sports car for its performance and handling capabilities. However, like any mechanical system, its automatic Transmission can experience issues over time. Here are five of the most common problems that C5 Corvette owners may encounter with their automatic transmissions: 1. Intermittent Hard 1-2 Shift

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The most common problem with the Corvette C5 is a leaky head gasket. This can cause oil or coolant to leak into your engine, which can cause serious damage to your engine if not repaired soon enough. It's important to get this checked out before it gets too bad; otherwise, you'll end up having to replace more than just your head gasket!

2001 Corvette Common Issues

The 1997 Corvette ushered in a new-era of higher-performance Corvettes than anything than any Corvette built since the late 1960's. The C5 was built utilizing an LS1 engine.Rated at 345 horsepower, this engine provided drivers a significant power gain over the outgoing C4.As anyone today will tell you, the LS1 engine - part of the now legendary "LS" engine family - was an extremely.

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Although those (and other issues like failing rocker bearing in the LSI engine and differential leaks) are common C5 Corvette problems, the 1998 Corvette is perhaps the least reliable Corvette, with more than 400 registered owner complaints with the NHTSA, according to Hot Cars.Some of the most common reliability issues with the 1998 Corvette included problems with the power steering, frequent.

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