Edmund Fitzgerald's sinking site can be seen from Sault Ste. Marie

When the Fitz Went Down Newsman, Sailor Recall a Night to Remember

Part 1: The Early Days The Edmund Fitzgerald launch at Great Lakes Engineering Works on June 7, 1958. Edmund Fitzgerald seen from the Ambassador Bridge. In this photo, the vessel is.

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TORONTO, July 28 -- The Toronto coroner said Thursday that divers researching the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald discovered a body near the ship, which rests 500 feet below the surface of Lake.

Edmund Fitzgerald tragedy casts long shadow in Michigan

Photos: Looking back at the wreck of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald. Perhaps no other Great Lakes shipwreck has as much notoriety as the ill-fated SS Edmund Fitzgerald, a 729-foot iron ore carrier that sunk to the bottom of Lake Superior on Nov. 10, 1975, during a fierce November gale. All 29 crew members died.

Edmund Fitzgerald Legend Lives On

The iron ore freighter Edmund Fitzgerald sank to the bottom of Lake Superior during a hurricane-like storm on the night of Nov. 10, 1975. Photo courtesy of the Great Lakes Maritime Institute. The.

Photos The Edmund Fitzgerald remembered, 40 years after sinking

Jacob Miller - July 4, 2017 Image of the Edmund Fitzgerald shipwreck. Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum The Edlund FItzgerald crows nest. Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum Diver Bruce Fuoco making the final cutting of the Edmund Fitzgerald shipwreck original bell stanchions (called a belfry) on July 4, 1995. Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

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This is my video of remembrance for the 29 men who died on the Edmund Fitzgerald. I could not find some photos of the crew. I do not own the song or photos..

8 facts behind the Edmund Fitzgerald’s final hours

DETROIT — The crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald, who perished when the freighter sank 45 years ago Tuesday, was memorialized in events in Detroit; Whitefish Point, Michigan; and Two Harbors,.

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Alvan Quinn, Associated Press The Edmund Fitzgerald maiden trip on the Detroit River. Courtesy Of The Great Lakes Historical Society. Watchman Ransom E. Cundy, one of the crew member who died.

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The Edmund Fitzgerald, The 729-foot iron ore freighter, sank in stormy Lake Superior on Nov. 10, 1975, killing all 29 crew members on board.

Photos The Edmund Fitzgerald remembered, 40 years after sinking The

The Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior on November 10, 1975 — 48 years ago. A 1995 dive to recover the ship's bell captured footage of the wreck 535 feet below Superior's surface. The freighter lives on in popular culture thanks to Gordon Lightfoot's folk song about the ship. NEW LOOK

Photos The Edmund Fitzgerald remembered, 40 years after sinking MPR News

The Fitzgerald, an ore carrier, sank with its crew of 29 Nov. 10, 1975. (AP Photo/Jim Mone) JIM MONE, AP Exclusive: The propeller "shoe" or support at the inverted stern of the Fitzgerald..

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Welcome to S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald Online, a site dedicated to informing others about the ship and the crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald. The 1975 tragedy took the lives of 29 men: sons, brothers, fathers, and husbands. The Fitzgerald tragedy was a loss affecting dozens of families and a countless number of friends and comrades of the shipping and.

This timeline chronicles the last voyage of the Edmund Fitzgerald

By Matt Heffner Last Updated November 7, 2023 8 Comments Table of Contents The Construction & Layout of the Edmund Fitzgerald The Fitzgerald's Naming & Christening History & Typical Routes of the SS Fitzgerald Collisions During Operation & the Final Voyage Remembering the SS Edmund Fitzgerald Crew

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The largest and longest vessel ever built on the Great Lakes, the 729-foot ore carrier SS Edmund Fitzgerald, slides into the launching basin, on June 7, 1958, in Detroit, Michigan. Two more months of interior work remain, before the $8,000,000 ship is put into service. Her capacity will be 26,000 tons and her speed up to 16 miles per hour. AP

‘Empty lifejackets washing ashore’ The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Mark Thomas and Bruce Hudson, lost crew As I sit and think of the crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald this cool and windy November evening, I think of what it is really all about. Why has the sinking become such a fascination of so many people?

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The S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald sank Nov. 10, 1975, during a storm on Lake Superior. The vessel was carrying a load of iron ore pellets to a Detroit steel mill when it plunged to the bottom 17 miles.

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