The Revamped Mega Ram Diesel Brothers Discovery

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MEGA Ram Runner by Diesel Brothers Toxic Performance 23.5K subscribers Subscribe 16K views 8 years ago 6.7L Cummins Mega Cab Give a way Super Truck. Diesel Power.

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Love y'all trucks, always been a dream of mine to have a badass truck. But my devotion to my kids don't let me have a truck at all. Have 5 kids two of which are in car seats so can't even fit us in a truck that why I love the mega ram runner. It the perfect truck PERIOD. But I have never won a thing in my life not even a scratch off lol.

The Revamped Mega Ram Diesel Brothers Discovery

Taking directions from the updated 1500 lineup, the 2500 and 3500 HD would feature mild upgrades like new headlight styling and slightly altered bumpers. More importantly, the host believes they.

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I build a 6 door truck built by Sparks Motors in Utah for you guys! Enjoy!Instagram- @thatgtrfanXbox- @thatgtrfanTwitter- @thatgtrfanTiktok- @thatgtrfan#Giga.

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June 8, 2022 Latest News The New Toyota Truck Nobody Was Expecting: Is This the New. Nathan Adlen - October 27, 2023 0 We've been talking about the possibility of a new Toyota Stout for a.

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The DieselSellerz from Discovery's "Diesel Brothers" are teaming up with Minnesota soybean farmers to support higher blends of biodiesel. As part of that effort, the DieselSellerz's iconic truck build, the Mega RamRunner, will be on display at this year's Big Iron Farm Show. Stop by booth 1065 to see the truck, support higher blends.

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The Diesel Brothers channel Braveheart on tonight's season finale — as they rebuild their most iconic build ever, the Mega RamRunner, to give it away. Watch the footage in the clip below as.

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Made up of Heavy D and Diesel Dave, the Diesel Brothers have earned a reputation for seeing something more than a useless old truck. With their creative vision and hard work, they find a way to upgrade trucks into state-of-the-art machines everyone wants.

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Good Bros and Goodbyes | Diesel Brothers | Discovery GO MEGA RAMRUNNER, HEAVYBADGER + INDIAN MOTORCYCLE WINNERS ANNOUNCED 6y Somebody's going to be very lucky very soon.

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A BDS Suspension kit complete with Fox coilovers shows up, and leaves the mechanics stumped as they have to follow a manual to install it; apparently, the Diesel Brothers way entails custom-made suspension done by instinct instead of written instruction, so a mass-produced kit is no good.

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Updated Aug 29, 2018 Hard Working Trucks recently met with the stars of the popular Discovery Channel show "Diesel Brothers" and caught up with them on Brodozer, their favorite engines, their most popular builds and the controversial practice of rolling coal.

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The Diesel Brothers are known for doing big things and building even bigger trucks. Builds like the Mega Ram Runner, the BroDozer, the F-650 Super Truck, and the Kodiak Monster all turn heads wherever they go. When the Diesel Brothers teamed up with 4WP, we knew that big things would be on the horizon. And, the Diesel Brothers didn't disappoint.

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The Mega RamRunner is a custom-built truck created on the TV show Diesel Brothers on the Discovery Network. The show stars the owners of DieselSellerz and Sparks Automotive in Northern Utah. They like to tackle complicated projects, such as creating custom-built super-special vehicles out of aftermarket trucks.

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The Diesel Brothers didn't have any idea why they wanted this 2013 Dodge Ram Mega Cab 3500 SLT to be so tall. They just wanted it to look that way, so they customized it with an eight-inch lift and fitted it with 20-inch Method Race Wheels. As if the truck was not already ridiculously tall, they fitted it with 37-inch tires, too.

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VDOMDHTMLtml> Diesel Brothers Mega Ram Runner Hauling the Bobcat! - YouTube Welcome back guys, today we are out demoing the @SparksMotorsCo Mega Ram Runner. Figured we would start off light.

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- Diesel Army SEMA 2014: Diesel Sellerz's Extreme 6 Door Show Truck! By Chad Westfall November 08, 2014 The SEMA Show is known for wild and crazy rides. This is one of the only times a year that you will see extreme vehicle builds from all over the country.

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