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Your Hyundai prompts you to consider taking a break when it detects signs of driver fatigue. This feature is designed to keep you safe on the road by preventing accidents caused by drowsy driving. Taking breaks when driving long distances helps lower the risk of accidents and allows you to stay alert and focused. Your.

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Owners and lessees of certain 2011 through 2019 model-year Hyundai vehicles may be able to take advantage of benefits in an engine defect class action settlement. The settlement reportedly ends five class action lawsuits lodged against the carmaker over allegations it ignored and even denied repairs to certain vehicles with engine defects that led to car fires .

Elantra NLine Ontario Hyundai Cars

First, go to the settings on your instrument cluster by pressing the "User Settings" button located on the right side of the steering to the left of the cruise control button. Next, then select "Driver Assistance." Finally, select "Driver Attention Warning." From there, you can turn on or off the "Driver Attention Warning."

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The basic function of Driver Attention Warning is to inform the driver of their 'Attention Level' and to warn the driver to 'Consider taking a break'. Attention level • The driver can monitor his/her driving conditions on the cluster. -- When the 'Inattentive Driving Warning' is deselected from the Settings menu, 'System Off' is displayed.

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I have this feature too and what I've noticed mostly is that it usually tends to show the "Consider Taking a Break" message and coffee cup icon whenever I start going out of lanes a bit more (which you might do when you're tired)

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As a car owner, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of driving and forget about the importance of taking regular breaks. However, taking breaks not only benefits your own sanity but also your vehicle's performance. Hyundai owners, in particular, should consider taking a break every once in a while to ensure their car is in tip-top.

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okay so my veloster ultimate tends to show me a message on the display with a picture of a cup of coffee and the words, 'consider taking a break.' i'm guessing the car is getting hot and needs time to cool, and that's what i do when i see the message. but i recently moved 350 miles from home for college and i can make it about 40-60 miles before.

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Don't redline it (I've heard keep it below 5000), don't drive at one speed/one rev for too long (don't use cruise control). Shift into all the gears, start the brakes gentle and then jack it up to medium braking power. stuff like that. 2004 Hyundai Elantra VE 2.slow. One of the few 138 HP ULEV XD2s in California. B.

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Follow these procedures to disable the "Driver Attention Warning" (DAW) or "Consider Taking a Break" warning: By clicking the "User Settings" button, which is next to the cruise control button on the right side of the steering, you can first access the settings on your instrument cluster. Select "Driver Assistance" next.

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This feature can detect drowsy driving and alert you to take a break if it suspects you're drowsy. Common versions of this feature do this by tracking how often you depart from the center of your lane over a set period of time. THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND IT

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Select the "Consider Taking a Break" option and the toggle should be set to "Disable". If the toggle is still set to "Enable", then the settings have not been saved correctly and the feature will still be enabled. Enable Consider Taking a Break

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Since this is the entirely of the break-in period does anyone have any input as to "how" I would best drive this trip home - as far as preferred speed or speed fluctuation, RPM, time, etc. I currently drive 2016 Veloster Turbo DCT so I'm familiar with the Hyundai Turbo concept but putting an immediate and full 630 miles on it, I want to be sure to break it in properly.

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The brand-new Hyundai Santa Fe offers a number of road safety measures, such as a "Consider Taking a Break" alert. But there is a way to disable these functions if you like. Here is an explanation of how to accomplish it. Follow these procedures to disable the "Driver Attention Warning" (DAW) or "Consider Taking a Break" warning:

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When the Hyundai Santa Fe detects unusual driving behavior, it will issue a notification that reads, "Consider Taking a Break," if the DAW or Driver Assistance Warning is turned on. This can involve leaving your lane without using your turn signal. Additionally, if you are traveling faster than you should, it prompts you to check your speed.

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How to disable the Hyundai Santa Fe's "Consider Taking A Break" mode. While driving, drivers must take rests because even though you may feel alert, you could actually be weary. In the US, sleepiness is a common contributor to accidents. To remind drivers to consider taking a break, Hyundai incorporated a "Consider Taking A Break" notice.

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