Logan Paul anuncia que se mudará a Puerto Rico AS USA

Here's Why YouTuber Logan Paul Is Moving to Puerto Rico

Logan Paul is currently living in a $13 million Puerto Rico mansion, The Post can reveal. The YouTube star got into the ring with retired national champion boxer Floyd Mayweather, in what.

Logan Paul anuncia que se mudará a Puerto Rico AS USA

"It was for the love of patria [country]." Puerto Rico — an unincorporated territory of the United States — was not just unfriendly to tech start-ups back then, but to businesses in general.

Inside Logan Paul's swanky 13M Puerto Rico mansion AFBULLETIN

Pokemon Devs Confirms Popular Nintendo 3Ds Game Is Coming To iPhone A Tour Inside Logan Pauls $13 million Puerto Rican Mansion.

Logan Paul reveals shock decision to move to Puerto Rico Dexerto

John Stossel Published Aug. 4, 2022, 8:34 p.m. ET Residents pay no federal income tax or capital-gains tax in Puerto Rico -- and that's something that's enticing Americans. Christopher Sadowski.

Logan Paul provides relief to Puerto Rican citizens

0:00 / 8:14 LOGAN PAUL'S HONEST THOUGHTS ON LIVING IN PUERTO RICO. IMPAULSIVE Clips 1.57M subscribers Subscribe 487K views 2 years ago #LoganPaul #PuertoRico Video from Ep. 276 Logan Paul.

Logan Paul Is He Actually Colorblind? Famous People Today

Youtuber Logan Paul accused Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny of being "hypocritical" and "taking advantage" of Puerto Rico's tax laws after the rapper included him in a documentary about gentrification and displacement on the island.

Logan Paul sparks backlash after claiming he's moving to Puerto Rico

Act 22, also known as the Individual Investors Act, is a tax incentive that encourages individuals to move to Puerto Rico and trade or invest in Puerto Rican securities. As an investor in Puerto Rican securities, Logan Paul stands to benefit greatly from the tax incentives offered by Act 22. As a new resident of Puerto Rico, he is eligible for.

"Keep your as* in Cali" Puerto Ricans warn Logan Paul to stay away

YouTuber Logan Paul has made serious tax fraud allegations against Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny, but the musician's fans are standing by him. Paul made the comments while appearing on The.

The Logan PaulPuerto Rico phenomenon Al Día News

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Logan Paul House In Puerto Rico Why Logan Paul Is Moving To Puerto

YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul announced in February 2021 that he would be shifting to Puerto Rico from his home in California. He did so for a variety of reasons, which he stated in an.

YouTube Star Logan Paul Deserts California for Puerto Rico Bloomberg

02.17.21 at 2:42 pm. Photo: Erik Drost, CC BY 2.0. Notorious YouTube influencer, Logan Paul, is moving to Puerto Rico. During an episode of his podcast, Impaulsive, Paul announced the move after.

Logan Paul anuncia que se mudará a Puerto Rico motivado por beneficios

When Logan Paul said he was moving to what's reportedly a $13 million mansion in the wealthy town of Dorado, Puerto Rico, in February, many Puerto Ricans took to Twitter to say they were not happy . He admitted in a podcast that he was moving to the island in part to avoid paying higher income taxes and to take advantage of a lower cost of living.


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Las controversias de Logan Paul, el millonario youtuber que se muda a

Back in February 2021, Logan Paul announced his shock decision to move to the US territory of Puerto Rico. It is a little over a thousand miles off the coast of Miami. He announced his.

Inside Logan Paul's swanky 13M Puerto Rico mansion

The YouTuber, podcast host and amateur boxer Logan Paul has announced a surprise decision to relocate to Puerto Rico.. Paul, who made a name for himself with controversial videos and problematic pranks but has since found a more fruitful career in the world of boxing, is upping sticks and moving from Southern California to the US territory of Puerto Rico after admitting to "scouting it out.

Where was Logan Paul born and is he from Puerto Rico?

Logan Paul blasted for accusing Bad Bunny of secretly benefitting from Puerto Rico tax scheme. Puerto Rican artist has previously called out YouTuber as part of rich influx to island for tax breaks

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