The Pictures Of Shaq Holding Things Prove The Man Is A Real Life Giant

Shaq Holding Things

Recently, a photo of Shaq - internationally renowned basketball superstar - holding a normal soda can went viral on Reddit. The Shaq hands are becoming more and more famous. The dude is big. Nearly as big as The Biggest Ice Cream in the World. It looks like he's holding a little mini can because he's so incredibly large.

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Facebook. Shaquille O'Neal, often known as Shaq is a larger than life person. No really, he stand at 7′ 1″. The only thing that is bigger than him is his personality. Shaq is full of chrisma and that has taken him a long way. He was a world class athlete, and a lot of other things. When you are as big as Shaq is the world look different.

The Pictures Of Shaq Holding Things Prove The Man Is A Real Life Giant

Explore "Shaq Holding" posts on Pholder | See more posts about Shaq Holding Things, Blursedimages and Human For Scale. A pholder about Shaq Holding All; Communities; Influencers; Shaq Holding. About 475 results (1.07 seconds) r/ShaqHoldingThings; r/travisscott. shaq holding normal sized book

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Shaq holding a regular-sized water bottle. 5. Shaq holding Alex Trebek. 6. Shaq holding a regulation-sized basketball. 7. Shaq holding a pose with Victoria Beckham. 8. Shaq holding Jimmy Fallon's coat. 9. Shaq holding a man's beard. 10. Shaq holding a retail worker. 11. Shaq holding a basketball rim.

Shaquille O'neal Vs Normal Person Rokudaimehoka

Everybody knows that Shaquille O'Neal is a big guy. We see him on the TV enough to know. But when we see him on the TV, he's generally next to other big guys.

The Pictures Of Shaq Holding Things Prove The Man Is A Real Life Giant

u/dontstopbeliethan. • 7 mo. ago Shaq Holding Massive Pocket Knife. u/knopfdoubledaybooks. • 7 mo. ago Shaq holding a copy of Kenny Smith's memoir (and looking to see what he wrote about him) u/gabriel_oly10. • 7 mo. ago Shaq holding retired pro MMA fighter Nate Diaz. u/narwhal_with_opinion. • 7 mo. ago Shaq holding his laugh.

Shaq Holding Things

Shaquille O'Neal is a larger-than-life character in every sense of the way. To go with his unique personality, Shaq is a mountain of a man who has cemented his. NBA Fan Shares Hilarious Pictures Of Shaquille O'Neal Holding Things: "He Makes Regular Stuff Look Like It's Miniature Made" Author: Gautam Varier.. Opponents just could not deal.

Shaq holding a normal sized chicken wing https// Shaq

7' 1" 320lb Shaq makes everyday things look tiny

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Shaq is an absolute monster, and we respect that. So we decided to repost this compilation of him using normal sized objects. "Cameron 1" is the user we repo.

"Look How Big Shaq's Hands Is" 7'1 Giant Shaquille O'Neal Makes a

This isn't really a confusing perspective as perspective has nothing to do with it. Shaq is just bigm that's it. It isn't that everything looks small compared to shape, it's because everything IS small to shaq. Yep. The can is tiny because it's tiny.

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Shaq Holding Things

Recently, a photo of Shaquille O'Neal looking gigantic while holding a 12-ounce soda can circulated on Reddit, and the top comment among redditors was, "Makes me want to see an album of Shaq.

Shaq using normal sized things YouTube

Shaq holding a regular sheet of paper : r/HumanForScale. r/shaqholdingthings. There's also r/bobanholdingthings depending on your for-scale commitment. What a bizarre and delightful subreddit. That should be r/PaperForScale. I thought that was the sub we were on lmao. r/paperforscale. thi s commen wa s writte n b y a bot. bee p boo p.

12 Graciosas imágenes de Shaquille O’Neal junto a objetos normales

SHAQ Making Objects Look Tiny SHAQ Making Objects Look Tiny 😱 | SHAQ Making Objects Look Tiny 😱 | By Davis Facts | Times when Shaquille O'Neal made everyday objects look tiny. So Shaq wears a size 23 shoe and this is what it looks like compared to someone's face.

The Pictures Of Shaq Holding Things Prove The Man Is A Real Life Giant

The following photos have the former professional basketball player either holding important objects or famous people. It appears Shaq has been socially distancing himself from the ground for many years now. Here are 15 of our favorites collected from the subreddit /r/ShaqHoldingThings.

Shaq Holding Things

Shaq is huge but the donut size is misleading. It's an ad for a mini donut. It's on his Instagram. That is not a standard krispy kreme, and they are not smaller than average doughnuts in general. Shaq is holding an ultra mini doughnut the size of his fingernail. Get your eyes/brain checked.

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